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Berlinverse (December 06-08, 2022)

Berlinverse is a two-day, immersive digital experience that takes place on December 6-7.
Crypto News

Hacker Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail For Stealing Millions In Crypto

A 25-year-old Florida man was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing over $20 million in cryptocurrency as part of a SIM-swapping scheme.
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Oxford's 2nd-place word of the year is METAVERSE!

After the process was opened up to voters for the first time, metaverse came in second to goblin mode as the Oxford University Press 2022 word of the year.
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SBF's Shady Dealings Exposed

Many in the cryptocurrency community pointed to Bankman-political Fried's donations and good Democratic connections through his parents as one of the main reasons he could avoid arrest.
Digital Lifestyle

How To Pay For Your Food Using Bitcoin

Users can pay bills with cryptocurrency either directly from their cryptocurrency wallet or through a payment processor that acts as an online crypto payment gateway.
Digital Lifestyle

Elon Musk Wants To Test Brain Implant In Humans by 2023

The tech billionaire stated that his company, Neuralink, was seeking government approval to test his device in humans and that he expected it to happen within six months. Others have undergone similar tests for years, but the commercial device has yet to be released.
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Unknown Bitcoin miner reveals oldest signature from January 2009

You might be asking yourself. “Who has/had the oldest Bitcoin that has been mined?” Well, an anonymous user shared a signature from January 2009, barely one week following the creation of Bitcoin.
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Infrastructure services offered by Alibaba Cloud in Asia will be powered by Avalanche.

Through their collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, Avalanche will create the tools necessary for users in Asia to set up validator nodes on their public blockchain platform.