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Puerto Rico Blockchain Week (December 05-10, 2022)

With the cooperation of the PRBTA, CoinAgenda, Uncommon Entrepreneurs, and Limitless Crypto, the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association is pleased to announce the return of the Puerto Rico Blockchain Week from December 5–10. To find out more, click the link below.
Crypto News

Ukraine-based blockchain firm blasts 'fake news' crypto donation rumors

A blockchain company that collaborated with the Ukrainian government to launch a donation website during the country's war with Russia has refuted online rumors and conspiracy theories that its platform was being used for politically driven money laundering.
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Singapore Tops Rankings For Most Crypto-Friendly Country

Unsurprisingly, this country has topped recent rankings for the most cryptocurrency-friendly country, but the U.K. has come in a close second.
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Following the FTX crash, The Bahamas' Attorney General Defends that the country is crypto-savvy

After serving in the government for several years, Ryan Pinder took a year off to work at Deltec Bank, a Bahamian company with connections to FTX.
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Financial Tips From Digital Nomads Travellers

This article is intended to help, inspire and educate digital nomads and people who wish to live their dream of a nomadic lifestyle.
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Bank Of England Calls For Crypto Regulation

The Bank of England said a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies could help prevent chaos from unfolding in former colonies.
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Why The Netherlands Is The World’s Most Metaverse-Ready Country

Metaverse investors are becoming more cautious, which is why funding for virtual worlds and augmented reality businesses is declining.
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Study: The World's Top 10 Most Metaverse-Ready Countries

As the metaverse concept becomes more prevalent in everyday life, a new study has found that some countries stand out for their eagerness to embrace new technology.