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Amazon Is Producing A TV Show About The FTX Collapse

According to Variety, Amazon Studios, a subsidiary of the tech giant Amazon, has commissioned a TV series about the shocking collapse of the FTX exchange.
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Blink-182 Is Coming To Crypto!

The band is releasing new music that is also being reimagined for crypto enthusiasts.
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DeFi Is On TikTok!

The younger generation does not have a disposable income right now but is financially savvy, thanks to short-form videos on social media.
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The Most Expensive In-Game Items Ever Sold

The controversy surrounding controversial NFTs has spread to the world of gaming, resulting in items being sold for massive amounts of cryptocurrency.
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Indonesia Student Rises To prominence In The World Of Cryptocurrency And NFTs

A student's selfie NFT collection has increased in value by 876% in 24 hours. Let’s see why.
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The Intriguing Story of Using Web3 Art to Beat Cancer

This is an inspiring story of how Mechell Lord beat cancer with her passion in Web3. Despite her trials, her creative roots had grown stronger, laying the groundwork for a higher level of artistry. Read on.
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CY-B3LLA Offers Exclusive Access To Bella Hadid's 3D Scans

Get exclusive access to CY-B3LLA and an opportunity to get up close with the creator. The revolutionary CY-B3LLA project aims to establish a connection between people and their personal styles. A celebration of fashion, ladies in web3, and love without borders.