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Elon Musk And Tech Execs Urge Pause On AI Development

Elon Musk, along with several other prominent tech executives, has called for a temporary halt to the development of AI. According to the letter's authors, advanced AI has the potential to bring about significant changes in the course of life on Earth, which could be either positive or negative.
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Bitcoin Developer Warns Of IP Address Collection By Unknown Entity

A Bitcoin developer has raised concerns about an unknown entity that may be gathering the IP addresses of Bitcoin users. Learn more about this potential threat to the privacy and security of BTC users in this article.
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OKX Turning Over $157M To Frozen FTX and Alameda Assets

OKEx, the cryptocurrency exchange, has reportedly announced that it will be turning over $157 million worth of frozen assets to FTX and Alameda after the two firms agreed to unfreeze the assets.
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Nigerian Crypto Investors Question Central Bank's Flagging Of P2P Users

Nigerian crypto users utilizing P2P platforms express concerns about transferring funds due to the country's central bank's clampdown on bank accounts linked to the alleged receipt of a portion of Flutterwave's stolen funds.
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MetaMask Dispels False AirDrop Rumors With Warning To Users

MetaMask, the popular cryptocurrency wallet, has issued a warning to its users about false rumors circulating regarding an upcoming AirDrop. In a bid to protect its users from potential scams, the platform urges caution and vigilance when participating in any AirDrop activities.
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Cathie Wood Warns Of Election Impact From Biden's Crypto Policies

Cathie Wood of ARK Invest warns that the Biden Administration's stance on crypto could have significant consequences in the upcoming elections.
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WOW Summit In Hong Kong (March 29-30, 2023)

WOW Hong Kong 2023 follows successful WOW Summits hosted in Dubai, UAE, and Lisbon, Portugal, in 2021-2022. Hong Kong is a strategic location in the APAC region – Web3 mass adoption is booming here.
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Binance CEO CZ Denies Market Manipulation Accusations

Binance CEO CZ has denied accusations of market manipulation in the cryptocurrency industry. In response to recent claims, CZ stated that Binance operates with transparency and integrity and that the company does not engage in any unethical or illegal practices.