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$50 Million Telegram Usernames Sold On Open Network Blockchain

According to founder Pavel Durov, Telegram has sold more than $50 million in usernames. The names were sold through Fragment, a blockchain-based platform that ensures name ownership.
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Indian Hospital's Server Hacked: Ransom Demanded

On November 23, the servers of India's largest and most advanced government-run hospital, better known by its acronym AIIMS (The All India Institute of Medical Sciences), were hacked.
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Twitter Account Data Leaked Online

The data includes a mix of public and private information about specific profiles, such as emails, phone numbers, and Twitter IDs.
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Bankman-Fried To Receive Zero Dollars

"No portions will be paid under the authority requested by this motion to any of the following individuals or to any person known by the debtors to have a familial relationship to any of Samuel Bankman-Fried, Gary Wang, Nishad Singh, or Caroline Ellison," the motion states.
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Financial Tips From Digital Nomads Travellers

This article is intended to help, inspire and educate digital nomads and people who wish to live their dream of a nomadic lifestyle.
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Data breach affects Coinsquare, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange

Find out what happened with Canadian crypto trading platform Coinsquare and how it's handling the data breach.
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FTX Fallout Continues To Impact Asian Economies

The consequences of the FTX collapse will be felt for years to come. Geographically, three Asian countries were the most affected.
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CertiK Uncovers A New Tactic Used By Crypto Scammers

As the industry keeps improving its fraud detection capabilities, a blockchain security firm has discovered a new tactic used by crypto scammers.