If you like body art or have seen photos of celebrities with tattoos like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adele, or even LeBron James, you've witnessed BANG BANG's work.

Keith "BANG BANG" McCurdy, the founder of BANG BANG Tattoo Studios, was labeled "the most famous tattoo artist in the world" by Vogue. Now, he is among the most renowned in Web3.

The 'Magic Ink', which is futuristically appropriate for Web3, was recently sold as a 1/1 NFT for 100 ETH. Magic Ink is a laboratory-developed technology that allows tattoos to change from their original form in your skin on demand.

This skin-tech tattooing was inspired by scientists at the University of Colorado's Atlas Institute. They were working to solve the problem of humans' inability to indicate the occurrence of UV light and integrating ink with biomedical advantages to alert people wearing dangerous UV.

A dye can react to UV light in a bio-safe capsule by constructing an encapsulated UV dosimeter, allowing the image in your skin to transform over and over again, painlessly and instantly, utilizing light to turn it on and off. "It truly seems to be magic," he says.

As an artist on the cutting edge of innovation, it was only natural for him to use Magic Ink to reimagine the age-old tattoo sector and turn the first of its kind into an NFT. He also believes that NFT technology will usher in a new era in tattooing.

"The owner of that very first one is attributed with being the individual who is assisting us in bringing Magic Ink from the lab to the world," he says, adding that he hasn't managed to make the art yet but is thrilled to do so soon. "It truly is a watershed moment in tattoo history."

The NFT also contains a piece of visual art by Bang, which is a first of its kind. "I've never constructed tangible or digital art back in my career other than this," he explains. "All my work will disappear one day, so I think there's some interest there."

He believes everything will be stored on the blockchain one day, and he and his team are currently debating how customers can one day have one digital proof point tied to their physical BANG BANG tattoo.

In terms of body art, he mentioned that enthusiasts are already approaching him on the street, inquiring about this enigmatic new technology. "When people hear about rewritable tattoos, they're not certain how it functions. It's perplexing because it doesn't exist... until now. It caused me to alter my career path and concentrate on this."

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Oct 7, 2022
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