The University of Tokyo, also known as Todai, will begin offering various study programs in the Metaverse later this year.

The courses will be available to students ranging from high school to adult learners in the workforce, according to a July 23 report from local news outlet The Asahi Shimbun.

The Metaverse study programs will not be delivered through its own dedicated faculty that offers degrees but rather through Todai's faculty of engineering and engineering-related graduate schools. Students who successfully complete the courses will be awarded certificates.

Todai's project was launched in response to a shortage of skilled workers in "digital transformation" and "advanced technologies."

Officials from the university also stressed that studying in the Metaverse will create a situation where "anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing, or area of residence, can learn about engineering and information science."

Crypto and NFTs were not specifically mentioned, but given that the sector is frequently associated with the Metaverse and boasts a number of popular Metaverse brands, blockchain-based platforms are likely to be mentioned.

Junior-high and high-school students will be given an overview of the space and information on potential career paths in engineering, science, and other related fields. They will learn the material through a combination of online and in-person classes.

University students and those already in the workforce will be able to reskill/upskill through related online courses focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation communication technology, and entrepreneurship education.

There will also be an effort to encourage more women to enroll in the programs, as a lack of female representation in engineering has been identified as a problem.

The Japanese Metaverse

In recent months, there have been some notable Metaverse applications in Japan, as local citizens discover novel applications for the technology.

On July 25, Japan Today reported that the JACFA, a Fukuoka-based support group, had opened a virtual support room in the SecondLife Metaverse platform. The organization focuses on reintegrating Hikkikomori — reclusive people who refuse to leave their homes — into society.

The issue has been highlighted as a major social issue in Japan. The idea is to allow Hikkikomori to receive initial assistance without the pressure of face-to-face contact.

In April, it was also reported that 3,800 students from 29 NSG College League trade schools (beauty, sports, technology, hospitality, etc.) in Niigata held their 2022 commencement ceremony in the Metaverse. The event was held virtually so everyone could attend without fear of contracting COVID-19.


Jul 25, 2022
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