When it comes to dating, people are turning away from traditional methods and looking toward digital assets. A recent study by eToro found that over 33% of Americans surveyed would be more willing to go on an online date with someone who mentions crypto assets in their profile.

Writing about your favorite cryptocurrency might be an attractive trait if you're looking for love in the digital age. Males and females alike indicated that they would rather date someone who shares their passion.

What does love have to do with cryptocurrency?

According to Callie Cox, U.S. investment analyst at eToro, eToro's inaugural Crypto & Culture survey illustrates the intersection of money, culture, and identity.

"The survey discussed a lot about identity and how important it is in the community. The idea behind this initiative was to comprehend better how individuals think about big life projects and choosing the right partner," Cox explained.

Keeping this in mind, Cox stated that one of the report's most notable findings was that 33% of survey participants would be interested in dating anyone who mentioned cryptocurrency in their profile. "This demonstrates that there is a link between money, love, and individuality when people use a dating app to find a partner," she said.

Cox also noted that nearly 74% of people surveyed said they would go on a second date with someone who paid the first date's bill in Bitcoin (BTC). "We also wanted to determine how people felt about using it as a currency. We were amazed to see such a high percentage, which speaks to identity."

While these results indicate that publicly open digital asset owners and enthusiasts may attract more interest to dating apps; Cox revealed that the majority of people polled were Millennials and Gen Z. 

In addition, Cox mentioned that eToro's findings show that paying a bill in Bitcoin is more appealing to men than to women.

Online dating and the cryptocurrency community

However, some feel that talking about your experience can be negative. Digital currencies are still new, and most people don't know what they are, but there's one thing that might make you more attractive: being knowledgeable about them. If it means anything, though - this probably won’t be an advantage for long.

Hailey Lennon is a law partner at Anderson Kill and the founder of Crypto Connect. She that she didn't initially have "Bitcoin" anywhere in her online dating profile but eventually added it since this digital asset has been one long-time passion for her career.

Lennon had no idea how many people were interested in Bitcoin, but she noticed increased responses to her profile after adding it. She’s also fitted with some potential matches who share similar interests as hers. However, Lennon cautioned that using crypto jargon in your online dating profile could backfire.

NFTs: Love tailored to the digital age

Aside from cryptocurrency and dating, eToro's survey found that 8% of respondents would like to receive a nonfungible token as a Valentine's Day gift. Given the market's growth, this statistic was no surprise to Cox. On the other hand, Cox noted that this finding was intriguing because it demonstrated that Millennials and Generation Z value identity-themed products.

Identity-themed Valentine's Day NFTs are being offered. For example, jewelry designer MYKA has created a limited edition collection consisting of digital drawings on three best-selling pieces from their line to celebrate the occasion with customers and fans alike.

The company's vice president of global marketing, Ronnie Elgavish, believes that more couples will give NFTs on Valentine’s Day due to the rise in popularity of virtual reality and digital identity.

Another one, Ivan Sokolov, founder of Mintmade says that he expects more couples will give tokenized Valentine’s Day cards in the coming years. Mintmade, according to him, enables consumers to mint a pair of custom NFTs bearing their and their partner's names. 

"The buyer produces these NFTs. The buyer plainly enters two identities on the platform, and the platform mints the NFT with these names on it," he explained.

Safety concerns remain

The digital world is becoming more mainstream, but users must consider how their digital assets can be safeguarded. The eToro study found one major concern for online daters: making sure you keep your coins safe.

According to Justin Maile, manager of investigations at Chainalysis, it's best not to advertise that you own crypto, especially investing or holdings, on your dating profile to avoid becoming a target. Cons aren't restricted to dating apps, according to Maile. "Swindlers use Meta (Facebook), Quora, Discord, LinkedIn, WeChat, Instagram, and other media to find their victims," he explained.

Maile also stated that while he believes publicly expressing interest in it is acceptable; additional details should not be revealed. "Just as you wouldn't publicly discuss that you possess a savings account and how much money is in it, it's best not to publicly share that you hold crypto to avoid becoming a target."

The eToro study shows that mentioning digital assets to your dating profile can help you find potential partners, but it's important not to reveal too much information. Cox said people should be wise when deciding how they portray themselves online and offline because there are bad actors out in society looking for anything new that might make them money or just want attention from others.

Oct 9, 2022
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