itcoin supporters on social media sites have renewed their yearly petition to have Satoshi Nakamoto granted the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

On October 10, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences revealed three receivers of the economic award for research on banks and financial crises: the retired Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, as well as US economists Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig. 

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have argued for decades that Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, was the most worthy candidate for the economic award, which was established in 1968 based on the same principles as the Nobel Prizes, which have been recognized since 1901, based on the institution's description.

Some, which include crypto podcaster and Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, have stated previously that Satoshi deserves a lot more than an economic prize. Pomp wrote on Twitter in 2019 that the creator of Bitcoin earned the Nobel Peace Prize for creating a currency that can become a global reserve currency without the use of violence.

Others, such as former Blockstream chief strategy officer Samson Mow, have argued that neither award is appropriate because it represents an outdated system.

Given that Nakamoto's identity has never been publicly revealed, it's unclear if he would be eligible for either prize. It might be more appropriate to honor other well-known early contributors to the ecosystem, including former BTC core developer Gavin Andresen or Hal Finney, the developer who received the first Bitcoin transaction. However, Finney died in 2014, and the Nobel Foundation's statutes state that a Nobel Prize can indeed be awarded posthumously.

Though he did not win the economics prize this year, Nakamoto has indeed been publicly recognized in a variety of ways by many users. A crypto group set up a bronze sculpture of the legendary Bitcoin creator in a Budapest park in September 2021. Nakamoto's identity — as an individual or a group — is still the subject of crypto-related art, memes, discussion boards, and rumor.

Do you think Satoshi Nakamoto deserves to win the Nobel Memorial Prize? Drop your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 13, 2022
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