aydn Snape, the global managing partner and CEO of Decentralised Investment Group (DIG), has a particular mission: revolutionizing blockchain technology. He founded DIG with the aim of creating new ways for financial services through investments and strategic planning while also being a dedicated entrepreneur who plays it safe when necessary but is a risk taker at heart - all this led him to become a regional heavyweight that's gaining attention worldwide.

DIG is a multinational company that has grown in leaps and bounds since its recent inception. They are at the forefront with their development for Web3: The Business Of The Future, positioning themselves as crucial players in this rising industry.

In conjunction with XYZZY from Miami, DIG's newest project, Wild Thunder Studio, is working on a revolutionary new mobile phone app that will allow players to earn cryptocurrency for playing. The two companies have already begun testing their progress and plan to release more information soon.

The highly anticipated game "Realms Of Ethernity" (RoE) has captivated audiences worldwide since its release. Although still in the development phase, with only 60 designers working on it. 2D and 3-dimensional artists alike have been crafting an immersive experience powered by blockchain technology.

Through his role as global managing partner and CEO of the Dubai-based Decentralised Investment Group, Haydn is helping to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

But it's not just about making blockchain more accessible. He is also passionate about using technology to impact the world positively. "At DIG, we strongly believe that it can help to create a fairer, more efficient, and transparent world," he says.

For Snape, helping businesses understand how it can propel them into the future, so they aren’t left behind is a personal mission his investment company has been waiting to accomplish.


Jul 15, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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