Paris Fashion Week 2022 featured 64 shows and 42 presentations, most showcasing the industry's future. From supermodel Bella Hadid's sprayed-on dress at the Coperni display to upcycled fresh looks made of recycled apparel, Paris Fashion Week magnificently outlined trends for approaching seasons.

While many participants and designers recognized physical features like in-person fashion shows and tangible designs, a few designers integrated Web3 components to show immense digital potential.

Web3 makes fashion more accessible

Victor Weinsanto, a French developer who debuted his brand in 2020 after working with the famous Jean Paul Gaultier for two years, said that virtual worlds enable creators to create without needing to use authentic fabrics and materials.

Weinsanto debuted his first digital collection, M3talove, quickly after his September 26 show in Paris's Marais district. In contrast to traditional fashion week experiences, the collection was displayed as 3D holograms in a series of glass cases in a dark room with bright lights and a DJ. The collection was a joint effort between Weinsanto and K-pop girl band Lightsum, so the setting seemed appropriate.

Weinsanto said that the M3talove collection was among the best ways to showcase a partnership between music, the Metaverse, and fashion using NFTs.

Going beyond realistic concepts is one of Web3 fashion's most essential features. Hobbs mentioned that M3talove is a fully digital collection, allowing for more innovative concepts and sustainability.

Diz also explained that when Balmain Festival attendees received their tickets, they were given the option to join the Balmain Thread community. He also mentioned that those who were livecast the festival were given links to join on

Diz stated that the ultimate goal of Balmain Thread is to ensure new ways to interact with the brand's followers while establishing access to those who haven't previously participated in Paris Fashion Week.

This concept is gaining traction with renowned houses such as Balmain, and emerging brands are integrating Web3 perspectives and providing better access for both consumers and innovators.

Faith Connexion, a Paris-based company, illustrated its Web3 platform, Faith Tribe, during this year's fashion week. Faith Tribe, according to Maria Buccellati, co-owner, and co-founder of Faith Connexion, is an incubator that allows independent creators to design and personalize physical and digital fashion assets that can then be minted into NFTs.

To put this in context, Buccellati discussed that Faith Connexion officially confirmed during the event that Gavin Magnus, a 15-year-old pop star and social media personality, will collaborate with the brand to launch an NFT line.

Within the fashion industry, Web3 will transform

Despite the fact that Web3 has enormous potential to broaden the industry's reach, very few designers and brands are integrating these elements. While this was evident at Paris Fashion Week this year, forward-thinking designers like Weinsanto are optimistic that Web3 concepts will catch on.

Do you think there will be any other industries you see as ripe for transformation by Web3? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 7, 2022
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