organ Stanley, one of the most famous financial firms in America, is looking for a product development manager with an innovative mind. The person will have a primary focus on building new crypto products across different business lines, according to a LinkedIn job posting by this company.

Financial giants like Morgan Stanley are always pushing innovation and creating revolutionary changes within their industry, which make them top candidates when it comes down to hiring talented individuals who can think outside the box.

The role, which was published on August 1, is for a member of the Investment Solutions Product Development team, which "supports" more than $900 billion in assets under management across mutual funds, money market funds, 529 College Savings Plans, and exchange-traded funds.

The product manager hire would be primarily responsible for developing packaged products and indexes.

The job posting is one sign that Morgan Stanley is taking cryptocurrency more seriously and intends to expand its product offering after launching a passive private fund in March 2021. As previously reported by The Block, the firm informed its vast network of financial advisors that it could provide crypto exposure through Galaxy Digital and NYDIG-operated products.

What's not to love? With the launch of a new index-based investment product or exchange-traded fund, there are now more options for those who want diversified investments.

Morgan Stanley indicates they will give these financial advisors access to even better products to help grow their client rosters.

It's no secret that the ad is aimed at generating excitement for Bitwise, but CEO Hunter Horsley has some advice for those who might be susceptible to overly enthusiastic reactions.

"Hiring a mid-level person to work on something like this does not guarantee a product will come to market," Horsley explained.

It is not surprising that a job ad for an asset management firm has suggested they are seeking to leverage their crypto product solutions. What might be more interesting, though—and possibly related in some way- is that over 200 other financial institutions have also expressed interest.

The newly created position of Marketing Manager will have a wide range of responsibilities, including identifying opportunities to promote financial advisor product usage and source development. In addition, they are tasked with partnering with more than 200 asset management firms in order for them all to enhance the quality of the platform as well.


Anushree Dave and Frank Chaparro

Aug 7, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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