Earlier this year, the firm's patent filings hinted at an upcoming blockchain or NFT-related engagement, but little has been seen nearly a year later.

This may be about to change, as the retailer is partnering with Roblox for its first step of metaverse discovery. While there have been no reports of NFTs or other blockchain-related activity, it could definitely be the first step into the space.

As part of their partnership with Roblox, the shopping giant is launching two new metaverse experiences: Walmart Land and Walmart's Universe of Play. According to its marketing chief, William White, these two additional digital installations will primarily serve as "testing grounds."

White incorporated that young Millennial and Gen Z users are the primary focus of this activation. Other features mentioned in reports include shoppable recipes, streamed live events, and an AR highlight for furniture.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the new Walmart interactions will include "a blimp that drops toys, a music event with hot performers, a slew of various games, and a store of digital merch, or "verch," which fits what customers could discover in Walmart's stores and on its website."

From the past to the present

Walmart obtained seven patents related to virtual and augmented reality engagement at the start of the year; it appears that this week's motion is the first result of those efforts.

At the time, the company confirmed that they are constantly testing new ideas. Some ideas evolve into products or services that are sold to customers. And some [they] test, iterate and gain knowledge from. It appears that the retailer will conduct another test run this week.

However, suspicion has long encircled the company when it comes to cryptocurrency. A few physical stores have previously hosted Bitcoin ATMs, a Walmart crypto token has been rumored, and the firm has even disappeared out to employ crypto-focused duties in executive positions in recent times.

Could the wheels of Walmart's metaverse initiatives finally be turning? Will this move inspire other crypto-related projects to follow suit? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 28, 2022
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