The coronavirus has spread to every corner of the world, but it doesn't stop people from wanting more. People are looking for ways to allow them to explore and try new things or simply pass time in their day-to-day life with something exciting.

Have you ever dreamed of taking a ride on the back of an Alaskan husky? If so, there’s no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than with Fairbanks's 360-degree video taken on YouTube. The city has this incredible footage that will make anyone feel in pure bliss as their hands touch snow and cold air bites through one’s skin while speeds accumulate higher off scenic trails.

If sledding isn't your thing, Explore Fairbanks has a number of other virtual experiences in Fairbanks, Alaska, that people from all over the world (including places where it doesn't snow) can enjoy, such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

However, Fairbanks isn't all snow and ice. If you want to unwind, take a virtual float down the Chena River to feel like you're in the great outdoors. In addition to videos, Explore Fairbanks has a collection of 360-degree still images that showcase Alaska's natural beauty. The Explore Fairbanks website contains links to all of the 360-degree views and tours.

And, since the Midnight Sun season began on April 22, Explore Fairbanks has created a handy Midnight Sun Tracker. The tracker calculates the number of daylight hours available for people to visit Fairbanks, Coldfoot, and Utqiavik's subarctic and Arctic areas.

Fairbanks has 24 hours of light during the Midnight Sun, which lasts 70 days. Users can also change the calendar and/or location to see how the light shifts throughout the year. In addition to the tracker, users can explore traditional Midnight Sun activities, stunning sunrise and sunset views, and photography tips for anyone planning a trip to Fairbanks next year.

Visit All of Alaska's Wonders Without Leaving Home

Many national parks offer virtual tours for outdoor enthusiasts who want to see natural wonders. But every now and then, it's nice to feel as if you're truly immersing yourself in a particular location as if you're on a long vacation.

Alaska is one of the best places for an outdoor vacation, with majestic wild animals, beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and streams, and many places to truly discover the earth's beauty.

TravelAlaska released a video announcing its Alaska Will Wait, For You campaign, which encourages people to stay at home for the time being and that all of Alaska's wonders will still be there when we can finally get back to traveling.

On TravelAlaska's website, you can access a variety of "virtual vacations." There are live streams, webcam footage, and 360-degree photo panoramas available. For example, you can watch a live stream of Pacific walruses on Round Island, arctic snowy owls in Utqiagvik, or brown bears in Utqiagvik.

In addition, Alaska Native elders and leaders are hosting live storytelling sessions on the Alaska Native Heritage Center's Facebook page twice a week. Not only is this a great way to learn about Alaskan culture, but it's also a lot of fun.


Aug 2, 2022
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