It was now Revolut's turn. Another day, some other data leaked in the crypto world. Someone at the company's headquarters fell victim to a scam about a week ago. The infringement only affected 0.16 percent of their clients. Apparently, the attackers obtained the personal information of 50K people and are already attempting to defraud them. They may also have gained control of their website.

But let us begin at the beginning. Because the company's banking license is approved in Lithuania, the platform reported the incident to the State Data Protection Inspectorate there. They were the ones who confirmed that the attack was carried out using social engineering. Revolut refused to acknowledge this.

The Lithuanian data security agency also provided a detailed overview of the case that included the majority of the facts.

What Does Revolut Acknowledge?

The incident was described as a "highly targeted cyber attack" in which an unauthorized third party gained access to a limited percentage of users' personal information.

One user who did not receive an email claimed that the scammers contacted him. "I didn't get an email from you, but I did get a scam text message from the platform. How did they obtain my phone number and discover that I had a Revolut account? "JT tweeted a few days ago. He received a generic "Hello there! Could you please contact the support about this through in-app chat? " as an answer.

The company's official statement concludes with the following promises: "We take incidents like these extremely seriously, and we'd like to sincerely apologize to any people impacted by this incident, as the protection of our customers and their records is our top priority at Revolut."

Explicit Language

According to Bleeping Computer, it's possible that additional shenanigans were going on. Revolut users apparently noted that the support chat was using foul language around the moment of the social engineering event. The publication clarifies:

"While it is unclear whether this destruction is connected to the breach revealed by Revolut, it indicates that attackers may have had access to a broader range of systems used by the company."

Did the hackers gain access to information other than the admitted data? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 23, 2022
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