nline discussion forums played a crucial role in the development of Bitcoin, where Satoshi Nakamoto and other early developers worked together to brainstorm and build a revolutionary financial system from the ground up. The history of the debates surrounding the development of the Bitcoin logo and payment mechanism is still preserved on one of the first Bitcoin forums, bitcointalk.org.

Recently, an interested user of the bitcointalk.org forum tried to identify early Bitcoin miners. To their amazement, a member who preferred to remain anonymous shared a signature from January 2009—just one week after Bitcoin was created.

shared by OneSignature. Source: bitcointalk.org

“Could it be that OP is inviting Satoshi?”  After validating the authenticity of "the oldest signature" discovered to date, another member questioned. The signature was published on November 26, 2022, using the alias OneSignature, by a recently established account.

Source: verifybitcoinmessage.com

OneSignature's account history reveals no other activity on the forum, supporting the idea that it was just created to display the earliest signed message. When the username is examined in more detail, a protected Twitter account that was set up in October 2009 becomes visible.

Source: Twitter user OneSignature

Cointelegraph verified that there is no balance at the address the unknown poster used. The discovery of the signature from the Bitcoin genesis period proves those responsible for leaving a lasting legacy maintain a careful eye on the ecosystem while occasionally stoking public curiosity.

Despite persistent legislative barriers dating back a decade and prolonged bear markets, Bitcoin has consistently prevailed. The mining environment is now under more strain as a result of the declining Bitcoin prices.

At $11.67 million, the Bitcoin mining revenue in terms of U.S. dollars is currently at two-year lows and was last this low on November 2, 2020.

Dec 4, 2022
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