Mixed Martial Arts is an increasingly popular sport that has been around for millennia. However, its current form can be traced back to November 1993, when eight men fought to determine which martial art would reign supreme. Mixed fighting with no rules except those pertaining to eye gouging or biting is also allowed, but shots taken upskirt will get you disqualified immediately.

Ngannou is the human embodiment of all that power, with an unrivaled level in his sport. His punching speed can be compared to those who drive on two wheels and three tires at once - he has been recorded as having 129,161 units or Ford Escorts going 100 km/h (62 mph).

This makes him one powerful fighter not just by size but also by skill set.

Ngannou’s team knew millions of fans would be watching him on the night he fought for the UFC Lightweight Championship. So they recruited BossLogic, an NFT artist, and created an art collection called “March To The Throne." One piece in this series is exclusive - it comes with gloves signed by the champion himself fighting, and two pieces are limited edition: one features sand from mines whereNakntnu worked as a child; the other has a signature collected during the event.

According to a CoinDesk report, Ngannou reportedly earned more money from NFTs last year than he did from competing as the UFC's Heavyweight champion.

Ngannou allegedly earned $580,000 from his MMA career last year when he knocked out former champion Stipe Miocic. Ngannou made a profit from the release of his first NFT collection, which was hosted on Makerspace following the fight.

The UFC champ wanted this NFT release to "coincide around a live championship event, UFC 260," and he wanted to "bring together the art and MMA communities, collaborating with an artist whose presence resonates within both worlds so strongly." In this collection, artist BossLogic crafts and art encapsulating Ngannou's deep African roots and presence in the MMA world.

Following his fight with Stipe, Ngannou's team planned to sell the NFT collection on March 27, 2021, assuming he won. Ngannou was able to secure the victory, which resulted in the release of his NFT and a payout that exceeded his reported fight contract.



Jul 31, 2022
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