As part of the Metaverse experience, which is being promoted as metatourism, players and blockchain fans can start exploring a playful, full-scale replica of Bali.

The Indonesian government has approved Bali Twin Metaverse. The digital properties are owned by PT Blackstone Indonesia, Black Lava Camp, Grahadi Bali Entertainment, and Kicau Mania. However, because the Bali Twin Metaverse is now open to the public, anyone around the globe can take a trip to the virtual replica of the tropical paradise anytime.

In an Instagram post, Bambang Soesayto, the developer of Blackstone Indonesia, explained how the project works. "The Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allows people to interact with other people virtually. Users in this metaverse world can go anywhere in virtual forms, such as get together, conducting meetings, working, playing, arranging various events, visiting concerts, online shopping, or purchasing a digital property."

Bali Twin Metaverse has just partnered with Kicau Mania, which has one of the world's most extensive collections of the city’s bird sounds. The sounds will be incorporated into the Metaverse encounter, adding realism to the digital interaction.

According to the game's description, the Metaverse is a "sandbox with a real-world simulated world that uncovers mysteries of ancient civilizations in a futuristic setting." Through the Metaverse, users will be able to begin their own businesses, earn real money, generate and monetize objects, and perhaps even buy, rent, or sell land in virtual Bali.

The game's graphics and NFT's digital artwork are both impressive. The company released the first NFT Hanuman and Barong masks on its Online marketplace in late August. The program aimed to promote the island's distinct culture by digitizing and renovating traditional Balinese art.

Do you think that this move will be successful, or will it last in the long run? Would there be some disadvantages that can hinder the success of the Bali Twin Metaverse? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 24, 2022
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