gathering of Bitcoiners assembled in Charlotte, North Carolina, on a cold and dark evening amid the bear market to talk about hard money and an improved world.

On Friday night, attendees were treated to a meal provided by Texas Slim and Gourmet Cavemen, who discussed the importance of food intelligence as well as the value of food that has declined worldwide since 1971. To justify their stance, they used the following equation: value equals quality divided by cost. They claimed that food quality has been declining as costs have risen, resulting in cheaper food.

Following their moving speech, we were able to eat the great food they had arranged, drink, and enjoy ourselves. The creative side of enthusiasts was on a showcase that night, with a chance for people to demonstrate their pumpkin carving skills. There were pumpkins with Guy Fawkes masks,“₿’s” and even one with the Federal Reserve torching on display. After tidying up the pumpkins, it was time for a nightcap and to get ready for the talks and partying the next night.

The next day began with an excellent talk by BTC Sessions on the significance of self and the path toward greater independence from the system. He cautioned everyone not to become carried away by all the Bitcoin terms and jargon of multiple hardware wallets, CoinJoin implementations, and nodes, but to take one small step to enhance their setup and then become mildly more self-sovereign.

Following the keynote address, the day's agenda was divided into two sections: one with numerous talks and another with training.

Among sessions, Michael, the lively emcee, dressed up as a McDonald's manager, Jason "Going Parabolic" Williams, everyone's favorite "my star will continue to rise" guy, and just a few others. He did an excellent job emceeing the occasion.

Dan Finley's "What is Inflation?" was among the talks I attended. "This was about having been in Bitcoin for a few years, having a basic comprehension of macroeconomics, and the insane period theft that happened with all of the monetary expansion in the last few years." His concise talk on inflation was some of the best I've ever heard.

Justin Orkney gave an interesting talk about mining and the electric grid. He discussed his 10-year career in the energy industry, as well as what it's like to try to orange pill energy suppliers and contractors who help supply energy to everyone's homes. Orkney discussed the issues that plague the current energy grid and the solutions that Bitcoin offers.

Crowd Health's Jon Gordon spoke about the health insurance industry's bloat and widespread corruption, reinforcing Texas Slim's idea that value is defined as quality divided by cost. Healthcare quality has deteriorated significantly, while costs have risen.

The most recent workshop was "Obscure Bitcoin: Buying Privately," led by Mike Palmer and Shawn Flowers. Palmer began by speaking about Azte.co and purchasing a voucher with cash, Cash App, Strike, Venmo, or a credit card. I'd heard of Azte.co and have seen stuff on Bitcoin Twitter, but the in-person presentation was helpful and demonstrated how this is a great way to buy it privately. 

Guy and Jeff Swann gave one of the last talks. They had a great discussion about the token and how it calmly alters the power dynamics of money rather than through coercion and time theft. Unlike the fiat system, Bitcoin allows users to opt-in and eliminates the potential for money to be debased.

The day was capped off with a live discussion of "Toxic Happy Hour" with Pubby and Anders, so it was time to break open the beers and uncork the wine bottles.

I was unable to attend the final party, but I heard it was a blast, complete with Craig Wright in an orange suit and personal appearance by "Jerome Powell" and "Satoshi Nakamoto."

Overall, it was a fantastic bear market Bitcoin event! For planning and hosting, I am grateful to Jacob Parrish, Liz Parrish, and the Charlotte meetup. I hope to be able to attend next year when the bull market has subsided and we have more seasoned Bitcoiners among us.

What do you think of this kind of event bringing crypto enthusiasts into one place? Let us know your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 31, 2022
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