With the rise of cryptocurrency and digital tokens, more travelers are looking for crypto-friendly travel destinations. These places make it easy to pay your bills abroad; this is perfect if you want some extra cash on hand while traveling.

Fast Private Jet, an authorized private jet agent and booking broker, conducted new research to determine which global capitals are the best choices for backpackers who seek to capitalize on venues and hotels that recognize digital currency as payment.

What's the next big thing in travel? Digital currency. If you want to stay at a hotel, dine on food or buy items using your coins, then this list is for you!

There are plenty of destinations that will accommodate all three requests without any problem - but there aren't many where they won’t go through whatever hoops are needed just so long as their customer remains happy enough while traveling abroad.

Destinations tend to cluster in Europe, with countries like Spain and Austria leading the way in terms of the number of hotels, restaurants, and stores that accept digital currency payments. On the other hand, China and Qatar are the least destinations worldwide, having outright banned digital assets.

If you want to fund your trip with digital tokens, here are the perfect travel destinations to visit:

1. Vienna, Austria

The city of Vienna, Austria, is quickly becoming a top contender for those looking to take advantage and enjoy crypto-friendly vacations. Here you’ll find eight hotels that currently accept digital assets as a form of payment from guests, while more than a dozen restaurants, bars & cafes also offer this service.

2. Rome, Italy

Have you been looking for a place to stay while in Rome? Well, I have good news! Italy is a haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With twenty hotels and five restaurants that accept digital currency, it's easy to see why this country would be an excellent choice if you're traveling.

3. Madrid, Spain

In the heart of Spain's capital city lies an area bustling with activity. This part is home not only to many unique attractions but also six different nightclubs that currently accept digital currency! The only downfall? You're limited when it comes down to choosing where you'll stay as there are just two hotel options available for those keen on paying using tokens.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The food culture in Prague is one of its most distinguishable features. With 33 restaurants accepting digital currency as payment, travelers can enjoy dining on some authentic Czech dishes while indulging themselves at night with drinks from local nightclubs.

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Another perfect destination is Ljubljana, with more than 72 shops and 33 sports venues gladly accepting payments in digital currencies.

So, Have you chosen your destination? Where would you like to go?

Sep 10, 2022
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