ducation and blockchain - two seemingly unrelated worlds - are being managed to bring together through the form of Waves School. Through the rollout of their one-of-a-kind training academy, Waves School is addressing the high barriers to entry into higher education in addition to the digital world.

According to global statistics, only 3% of the worldwide population with internet access own some form of cryptocurrency, while 1% are considered knowledgeable experts in the field.

Although acknowledgment and adoption of digital assets and the innovations that surround them have grown significantly in recent years, the shift in thinking into the world of decentralization remains extremely low due to high entry barriers, similar to the education world. Tertiary tuition fees can range from $1,000 to $10,000 worldwide, making them out of reach for many prospective students.

Glancing at these two major industries, each with its own set of issues, Waves School aims to lower entry barriers by integrating these two worlds. Waves, dubbed "the people's blockchain," provides free training to students worldwide, promoting cryptocurrency adoption and staying true to their motto, "learn to earn."

It aims to close the economic gap by democratizing training, allowing many more people to dive deep into the world of crypto without requiring start-up capital.

Anyone with an internet connection can enroll in the academy, which is taught in 20 languages, such as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Hindi, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Swahili, German, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Zulu, Vietnamese, Japanese, Polish, Thai, and Tagalog. Bringing these various nationalities together will enable people of all cultures and social classes to trade responsibly and informedly within one large community.

The Waves School training course is carefully evaluated by industry experts, avoiding the widespread misinformation spread online by untrustworthy, false geniuses who guarantee huge profits in record time. It requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or finance. Their course begins with the history of currency and how economies work, progressing to the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more. 

Students of Waves will be able to enter the crypto market with knowledge gained from this training course, enabling them to make independent and educated decisions when trading digital assets.

It is genuinely democratizing the world of cryptocurrency education by lowering the industry's entry barriers. With their course available in over twenty various languages, there is no question that this innovative training program will bring people from multiple backgrounds and cultures together, resulting in the most significant crypto community to date.

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Oct 9, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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