new limited-edition timepiece by Jacob & Co. has been unveiled as a "very symbolic" tribute to the cryptocurrency industry and the original decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin.

Take a look at the magnificent multi-rotational black DLC titanium Astronomia Solar Bitcoin, which is available for purchase with your preferred cryptocurrency and is one of only 25 pieces available.
The Bitcoin-themed timepiece, as its name implies, is based on the company's Astronomia Solar wristwatch, which launched in 2017 and is the line's most compact product.

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin features movement with four rotating modules: a minutes/seconds module, a globe that displays the time in 24 world cities, a double-axis tourbillon, and – of course – a Bitcoin logo. The timepiece also features a black DLC titanium case with 18k white gold accents and is finished off with a black alligator strap.

The general shape and design of the 44mm case are pretty much intact. The case band's broad lateral apertures provide a 360-degree view of the dial and the incredibly intricate movement.

A DLC (Diamond Like Coating) treatment gives the titanium casing a pure-coal-like black finish and a diamond-like hardness. This makes the case lightweight and durable.

The rotating prongs on this variation of the Astronomia Solar movement have a greater role, whether they are practical or merely aesthetic. They give the piece the essential symbolic weight it needs to be completely cryptocurrency-oriented. A rotating Bitcoin currency logo. A golden Earth, a 1ct diamond moon, and a yellow sapphire sun. A tiny black rocketship headed towards the moon, replete with a raging reactor and a Bitcoin sign.

All of these symbols illustrate how the first cryptocurrency emerged, moving from concept to reality and from being an anomaly to becoming a cornerstone of the financial system.

Priced at $350,000, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is undoubtedly not going to be within reach for most people – but then again, neither are cryptocurrencies themselves. However, if you’ve got the means and are looking for an ultra-luxurious way to show your support for Bitcoin, this could be your timepiece.


Jul 10, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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