After the United States and Canada, Spain is the official home of the third-largest network of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs.

El Salvador, which has 212 crypto ATMs, is presently in fourth place due to Spain, which has 215 crypto ATMs, having surpassed it by 3 crypto ATMs. Spain is confirmed to account for 0.6% of all crypto ATM installations worldwide, according to data from CoinATMRadar.

Crypto ATM distribution by continents and countries. Source: CoinATMRadar

Additionally, the information reveals that Spain is the top contributor to crypto ATM installations in Europe, accounting for 14.65% of all installations on the continent. Spain is followed by Switzerland (144 ATMs), Poland (142 ATMs), and Romania (141 ATMs) (135 ATMs).

Crypto ATM installation growth in Spain. Source: CoinATMRadar

Spain alone put in 43 cryptocurrency ATMs in 2022 and has previously stated that it intends to put in an additional over 100 by year's end, bringing the total to close to 300.

The initiative to put in crypto ATMs in Austria, Germany, Spain, and Greece is being led by Confinity and MediaMarkt, a German electronics retailer.

On the other hand, since September 2022, the number of crypto ATM installations worldwide has decreased; at the time of writing, they are currently recovering slowly. Around seven crypto ATMs are being installed daily throughout the world, according to calculations using information from the previous 60 days.

Greece ranks sixth in terms of bitcoin ATMs, and due to the increase in tourism, Bitcoin ATM provider BCash provided information on usage trends in the nation.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, BCash managing director and co-founder Dimitrios Tsangalidis disclosed that despite placing cryptocurrency ATMs in popular tourist locations, the majority of usage comes from the central business district.

However, as Tsangalidis noted, the island of Crete has a "particularly devoted bitcoin crowd":

“There is a strong crypto community in Heraklion of Crete [which is] the location of one of our ATMs."

Tsangalidis claims that a halt in normal traffic to crypto ATMs is the result of a confluence of the crypto winter and the tourism seasons.

Have you ever tried crypto ATM and which country do you think will take over the Number 1 spot at the end of 2023, let us know your thoughts by sharing this article in your social media sites.

Oct 22, 2022
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