omadism, once a common way of life before food was readily available on every corner, is on the rise. This constant travel lifestyle is becoming the ideal solution for individuals who find themselves agitated in a constant environment.

Many people who have adopted the digital nomad lifestyle have mentioned how the continuous change of scenery, people, and culture stimulates their brains and allows them to work at the top of their game. One obvious characteristic has emerged from studies on this group of digital nomads.

Neurodivergence is indeed a common theme among them. This term refers to people whose brains function in a different manner than what is viewed as typical in society. ADHD and ASD are examples of neurodivergent individuals.

ADHD patients have been shown to be forgetful, have trouble focusing, and are spontaneous. Many people who suffer from ADHD use digital nomadism as a form of self-medication. They are constantly exposed to a new environment, new people, and new experiences, and their lives are never dull.

Sonia Jaeger, a psychologist, commented on the topic, stating that neurodivergent people make up a substantial chunk of the digital nomad community. This way of life is regarded as a positive way for people with neurodivergence to satisfy their need for constant change while also leading a mentally meaningful life.

Digital nomadism has skyrocketed recently as more job opportunities have gone remote. Most people who live this lifestyle work in software design, web development and design writing, and graphic design.

Have you ever considered digital nomadism as a way to escape your burnout? Let your experiences and opinions be heard by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 27, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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