ideo games are becoming more and more popular, which means that the gaming industry has grown exponentially. One of these trends is how players can now buy unique items for their character or digital land through certain stores called "NFTs.” There's even a number where you could purchase skins with customizable options.

Some games even allow players to generate digital currency while playing. Others enable users to compete with others worldwide using their own NFTs. With all of the attention on the NFT space, some of these assets' prices are completely absurd. 

Here are the lists of digital assets from the most popular NFT video games:

NBA Top Shot - LeBron James Kobe Tribute Dunk

Despite the fact that LeBron has more expensive NFTs on Top Shot, this one sold for the most money. Someone paid $210,000 for a special edition of the NFT. Only 59 of these cards were produced, and only a few collectors have them all. The lowest asking price for the card is $220,000.

This moment not only features LeBron but also occurred shortly after Kobe Bryant's death. It's definitely one of Top Shot's most remarkable moments. LeBron has another legendary card with a starting bid of $1 million.

Neymar Unique Sorare

For over a decade, Neymar has been regarded as one of the best footballers in the world. It comes as no surprise that his Sorare card is worth more than $30,000. Sorare is an NFT video game in which users can buy and sell NFTs and compete against other players in various modes. Prices on the platform fluctuate a lot, so it wouldn't be surprising if this card is now worth more than $50,000. It's mind-boggling how much some of these NFTs are worth.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2019-20 from Sorare

If you thought Neymar's card was pricey, wait until you see Ronaldo's NFT. It cost well over a quarter-million dollars. That is larger in many leagues than some player contracts in real life. For that price, you could buy a used Bugatti. Many of the insanely high prices on Sorare are inflated by speculators who believe the value of these NFTs will skyrocket over time. Because Ronaldo is likely nearing the end of his career, that is a reasonable assumption to make.

Ja Morant Dunk from NBA Top Shot

Ja Morant's Legendary Dunk moment is worth more than $100,000. The NFT's lowest asking price is nearly $700,000, and only three are available. This NFT from his rookie season is one of the most difficult to find in video games. Users who loaded this card became wealthy overnight. Nobody can predict how much it will be worth in the future. Also, those who sold the card for an average of $22,000 had no idea Ja would become so famous so quickly.

Hyperion (God's Unchained)

Hyperion is a digital card that can be used in God's Unchained, an online trading card game. The sold card was the only one of its kind created by the game's developers. In the trading card game, Hyperion is one of four Genesis Titans. At the time of sale, the card sold for 137 Ethereum, totaling more than $60,000.

Genesis Land Plots (Axie Infinity)

Axie Infinity is one of many online games with digital land and assets. A Twitter user known as Flying Falcon paid $1.5 million in cryptocurrency for nine plots of land in the game.

It was a historic purchase because it was the most money ever spent on blockchain digital land. 

2020 Australia Edition (F1 Delta Time)

F1 Delta Time, a digital asset racing game, has sold a number of NFTs for exorbitant prices. The 2020 Australia Edition costs more than $400,000. The one-of-a-kind release is one of the most expensive gaming NFTs ever made. Instead of the NFT, the buyer could have gotten two McLaren 570S supercars.

The Moon Chamber (Decentraland)

The last NFT on this list is a one-of-a-kind property in Decentraland. Valhalla paid 1,400,000 MANA for the Moon Room on OpenSea. The transaction represents the fourth million-dollar sale in Decentraland's vast crypto world. The Moon Room has been transferred to an unidentified account and has not been listed since it was purchased. In 2021, it was clear that virtual property has real economic value.

Aug 12, 2022
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