Metaverse malls appear to be a lot of fun. Most of us don't want to be sold anything. We've reached the pinnacle of our abilities. But the concept is intriguing. And now, digital malls appear to be superb because you can now shop for private jets.

In metaverse malls, you can buy three types of items: physical items that are sent to you, digital items that you may wear in the metaverse, and phygital items, which are a combination of the two, such as a ring with an NFT as evidence of ownership and a digital copy that can be worn digitally.

Clothes and jewelry are enjoyable, but now you can purchase a private jet that is simultaneously physical and digital. You don't have to stick out with the peasants in any case.

ColorWorld Shopping in the digital world

The metaverse in discussion is ColorWorld, a Chinese offering. They recently announced that customers could purchase private aircraft in their mall. Where can I find the mall? In the ColorWorld. If you cannot afford to buy a private jet, you could indeed rent one.

ColorWorld accomplished this by partnering with a firm called Shenzhen Qianhai Bluejet Aviation Service Ltd. Bluejet is a global airline with a metaverse head office in Color World. Both companies are hoping that the collaboration will benefit their respective brands.

Future collaborative efforts

Color Star's CEO is Farhan Qadir. "Many individuals expressed an interest in our project when we first started working on the aviation service headquarters, but what people were really engaged in was how we would bring the idea a reality. So we're about to make the plane available to buy to the general public. Using VR, prospective buyers can examine the products in greater detail. Sellers will be able to sell aircraft and other aviation-related services both online and offline."

Qadir claims that this is only the beginning. "Our team is currently hard at work researching and constructing air routes, air services, and so on. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with tailored private flight services via our platform and offer them a wide assortment of air services, air routes, and so on in Color World via AI technology. We hope to become the world's first company to offer such services."

Color Star says they are working hard to bring in more users so they can spend money in ColorWorld and maintain their merchants delighted.

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Oct 8, 2022
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