Leandro Lopes is a brand that values the importance of honesty and integrity in its designs. It wants to create connections with others through fashion, which it does by offering exclusive pieces for each individual customer who purchases from them.

It has a lot of potential because of its celebrities, influencers, and groups of over 20 million followers. Many industry participants believe that it will be one of the fastest-growing designers in 2022.

Leandro Lopes, the company founder and owner of LL production studio in Portugal, has embraced the value of producing only Europe-wide. This allows him to create high-quality products such as sneakers or tops that are handmade from durable material with care for every detail down to how they're stitched together - all while maintaining factories where it's been a long-running business since 1962.

The group has come up with a new idea to accelerate the growth and internationalization of their fashion business. They will be using blockchain technology, which is an innovative way for them because it offers many benefits, such as transparency, security, etc., by introducing $LOPES tokens alongside cryptocurrency-based infrastructure via ITO (initial token offering).

The funding from this LL-IPO will be used to open up new stores and expand Fashion's reach in America and Asia-Pacific.

The $Lopes is a utility token built on ERC-20 blockchain technology. Polygon Blockchain is the public blockchain that is used to receive and send tokens.

The token serves as a key agent in the LL Ecosystem. It is novel and will combine the physical and virtual presences of the Leandro Lopes brand. Customers can enter the virtual space by using NFTs, the metaverse, and other digital assets.

Customers can earn money using the token and the NFTs provided by the Lopes LL Ecosystem. When purchasing Leandro Lopes products, token holders receive discounts and loyalty rewards.

A unique number identifies each pair of shoes. Successful buyers of these shoes will receive a virtual replica in the form of an NFT, a blockchain-based virtual certificate of ownership. Each NFT contains information about the owner, such as the type, size, and date of purchase.

Owners of NFTs and $Lopes shoes are eligible to participate in the Issuer's "Wear to Earn" Loyalty and LL-Status Program.

LL Metaverse

The Leandro Lopes Holding AG has planned to introduce a new world called the Metaverse. This immersive digital environment will be launched at end-of-year 2023, and it's specifically tailored for virtual experiences.

The Metaverse is an interactive virtual world where you can meet celebrities and play games with your friends or family members online. Events are also offered for those who want more than just interacting in this digital space.

Staking and mining of $Lopes

The $Lopes shoe makes it possible to mine tokens. The number of tokens that can be mined per day is determined by the number of steps that users take per day and the amount of $Lopes that are available in the LL-Mining Pool on that specific day.

The Ecosystem includes a unique staking program. Holders can use their $Lopes for staking by subjecting them to a disposal restriction for a set period of time. In preserving a defined status in the Lopes Status Program, a disposition restriction shall be one year or a whole multiple thereof.

Separately, owners can restrict their $Lopes from being mined for a set period of time, such as 30, 60, 90, 120, or more days. The annual staking yield is 8% of the tokens staked. $Lopes coins are not eligible for staking during the vesting period.

Holders can earn up to 2,000 USD per day from mining at first, but the size of the rewards will boost as new features, such as gaming elements and other products, are added. After all, token holders will have access to a daily income of 2.000 USD.

Leandro Lopes is an excellent example of how the digital economy is entering our world. They're using new technologies like blockchain to create more transparent relationships with customers so they can be better equipped for future interactions in this constantly changing environment.

So, how do you think blockchain technology will impact the fashion industry's future? Will there be more other fashion brands to start using blockchain technology?

*Article photo credits to their rightful owner*

Sep 23, 2022
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