Do Kwon, author of now-defunct blockchain establishment Terraform Labs, have broken silence about the recent leave authorizing his arrest, claiming that he's not on the run from the law?

A court in South Korea issued an arrest leave for Do Kwon last week Wednesday, as reports suggested. Besides Do Kwon, the leave permits the arrest of five other individuals combined with Terra. According to the court, Do Kwon and his mates violated the vittles of the Capital Market Act of South Korea

While several proponents, especially the wholeness of Crypto Twitter, believe Kwon is now escaping the authorities, the Terra master has come up to disband similar beliefs.” I'm not ‘on the run’ or anything analogous," Kwon said in a tweet Saturday, three days after reports of the arrest leave surfaced.

Speaking further, Kwon noted that he and his platoon are ready to bandy with applicable authorities seeking to communicate. According to him, they're willing to cooperate with the demands of the authorities because they "don't have anything to hide."

"We are in the process of defending ourselves in multiple jurisdictions - we have held ourselves to an extremely high bar of integrity, and look forward to clarifying the truth over the next few months," Kwon added, suggesting an inclination to subject himself to any form of litigation.”

Nevertheless, regarding his whereabouts, the Terra master has remained silent on the matter, citing sequestration enterprises. He noted that his whereabouts will only be bared to people who are close to him, whom he has plans of meeting, or with whom he plays a GPS- grounded Web3 game.

Singaporean authorities are willing to collaborate with South Korean authorities, but Kwon may no longer be in the country.

This was the first ever sanctioned authorization of the arrest of the Terra master since the Terra debacle which led to investor losses of billions of dollars.

Recall that, last month, during his first ever sanctioned interview following the Terra crash, Do Kwon remarked that he was cooperating with the authorities. likewise, Kwon mentioned that he'd moved to Singapore, but would not expose his exact whereabouts.

A day after the warrant came to public, reports surfaced, suggesting that South Korean authorities were looking to drop Kwon's passport. According to an original news outlet, Dan Seong- Han, the director of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office filed a request to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking for the cancellation of Kwon's license, among five others.

Should Kwon's passport get abandoned, the 31- year-old inventor would hold the status of an "illegal alien" in Singapore if he has no other passport. also, despite not having any terms of a repatriation convention with South Korea, Singaporean authorities have indicated an interest in aiding South Korea in the case against Kwon.

Nonetheless, it appears that Kwon is no longer in Singapore. The Singapore Police Force stated on Saturday that the Terra CEO was not in the country.

Sep 18, 2022
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