According to a study shared with Finbold by Uswitch, the top countries in metaverse adoption have top scores in areas such as fixed broadband speeds, internet prices, the amount of blockchain financial startups, and the cost of high technology exports.

Notably, the Netherlands has the highest overall readiness score' of 7.74 out of 10. Switzerland is ranked second with a score of 7.61, followed by Lithuania at 7.39, Malta at 7.31, and France at 6.96.

The United Kingdom ranks seventh among metaverse-ready countries, with a score of 6.77, while the United States ranks twelfth, with a score of 6.32.

Analysis of metaverse-ready metrics

According to individual grading metrics, the United States has the fastest internet speeds, with 167.37Mbps. It is also the most connected country in terms of broadband.

At the same time, Romania had the cheapest internet, costing $9 per month, and Cyprus had the most blockchain startups. The researchers linked Cyrus' high number of blockchain-related firms to the lack of cryptocurrency regulation.

"Blockchain technology will play a significant role in the metaverse, enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and NFTs. These are reportedly critical to the proposed Metaverse economy, which Meta hopes to grow as part of this ambitious project,” according to Uswitch.

Furthermore, Cyprus accounted for the majority of metaverse-related searches, with 34,082 Google searches.

Finally, the Republic of Ireland has the highest per capita level of high-tech exports at $8,450. In this regard, the country is home to a number of leading technology firms, including the metaverse-focused Metaverse.


Although the researchers recognized that the metaverse is still in its early stages, they cautioned that certain risks should be anticipated.

Uswitch, for example, stated that the metaverse could be used to make money while also raising concerns about how it should be regulated.

Despite the fact that most countries are preparing for the metaverse, leading global brands are filing related trademarks in preparation for the sector's maturity.

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Nov 19, 2022
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