Reinzel C., a student from Cebu, Philippines, who won free Bitcoins, was identified on August 26th through an official Facebook post on Maya's page.

Reinzel is paying his McDelivery transaction with the Maya app, and he never expected this to lead to something eventful. On August 24th, billboards across the country featured Reinzel's name showing to check his crypto wallet.

And he is not the only one who has received free Bitcoins. In fact, several users reported receiving random amounts of crypto in their Maya app.

Just like Reinzel, they were also people who were called out through billboard postings and asked to check their crypto wallet.

Maya, a new mobile payment platform, has announced that they will give away free Bitcoin to those using their services. The announcement was made on August 26th, and people can now receive the digital currency by paying via QR code.

With this exclusive deal, you can get free crypto worth up to PHP500 each month until September 30th, 2022.

Every purchase provides you with guaranteed Bitcoin worth 1%, up to 10%, or even 100% of the purchase price. For example, a PHP500 purchase may entitle you to free Bitcoins in the amount of PHP5, PHP50, or PHP500.

If you’re feeling lucky this month, why not try your luck? You'll also have a chance to win PHP1M in Bitcoin, just like Reinzel. All you have to do is pay with Maya—the more you pay, the more chances you have to win! 

What do you think about the recent news of a student becoming a millionaire from Bitcoin? Would you also like to participate in this kind of promotion? Maybe this is your lucky day to own crypto.

Sep 17, 2022
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