Using Web3 technology, the company is creating a new flavor of rewards program. Starbucks Odyssey, the coffeehouse chain's beta program, was recently launched to a few thousand customers and employees in the United States who had been on a waiting list since September.

The Empire podcast's host, Blockworks' Jason Yanowitz, spoke with Adam Brotman, co-founder of the Web3 consultancy Forum3, which collaborated closely with the company’s rewards team to develop the Starbucks Odyssey platform. Brotman also serves as the former Starbucks chief digital officer.

Odyssey was motivated by a December-only promotion called Starbucks for Life for Rewards members, according to Brotman in a follow-up interview.

The more money users spend in December and play in-app mini-games, the more stickers they can generate — and the more likely they are to win free coffee or confections. Users can now be rewarded with digital collectibles rather than stickers and stars.

NFTs as coupons with character

Brotman described the concept as an always-on game layer, with the goal of getting as many points as you can by participating in journeys, or challenges, and leveling up.

The Starbucks Odyssey app is currently in beta testing.

According to Brotman, examples of journeys include "going to a Starbucks store you've never ever been to this week, or trying a Starbucks drink you've never tried," as well as watching a video on Starbucks' procedures at a business farm in Costa Rica.

These NFTs are then used to gain access to specific prizes and experiences, such as a trip to a Costa Rican coffee farm, access to an online coffee-making class, or earning free coffee for a month. Because each redemption period lasts three months, beta users will not be able to redeem rewards until April 2023.

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Dec 14, 2022
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