Multiple Twitter users were left with a questionable taste in their mouths after a Twitter post that quickly went viral revealed that Dame, a Greenwich Village restaurant, was offering $1,000 NFTs to join its "Affable Hospitality Club," which allowed them to skip the line for a reservation. 

"I'll say it bravely: NYC restaurant reservation culture has gone too far," Maya Kosoff tweeted.

Kosoff, who has been working as a content strategist and writer for the past few years, now posted his latest review from The Infatuation - one that shows how they offer discounts to members of certain websites.

Numerous responses criticized the idea of purchasing a digital asset to place a reservation for a restaurant that has already taken reservations, pointing out the city's abundance of dining options. "Remarkable to see a restaurant find a use of technology that's even worse than the QR code menu," one user wrote, urging another to point out that QR code menus do, at least for some customers, improve accessibility.


According to The Infatuation's Dame review, acquiring a table at a restaurant can be difficult.

"Reservations are available online 12 weeks ahead of time, but Mondays are walk-in only," according to the post. "If showing up on a Monday sounds too tiring, you can also buy an NFT that allows preferable booking."

The Dame website does not mention NFTs, but according to The Infatuation, a club for exclusive tables called "Dame Affable Hospitality" offers memberships that cost $1k and give access to special clubs. Front Of House is another site where people can find more information about this particular business opportunity: they have detailed reviews on some of their most popular products, including Fish & Chips.

Some restaurants on Front Of House include Hanoi House, Emmett's On Grove, and Wildair Donut Friends. Each one has its very own digital collectible you can buy to view through Metamask or Coinbase wallets. The Dame NFT is by far the most expensive but still worth checking out for fans who want something special without breaking your wallet too much.

"Dame is involved, and they receive the majority of the sale revenue," Front of House co-founder Phil Toronto explained. "It's their digital collectible, Front of House, that was created with us, with the associated benefits highlighted on the site."

"Each of our partners collaborates with us to establish their collectibles, which are best partnered with in-person perks," Toronto added. "Our mission is to increase restaurant revenue while providing holders with unique experiences."

The restaurant gets 80% of revenue from NFT sales, with 20%-which includes secondary market trading going to Front Of House.

Non-fungible tokens are a revolutionary new way to own and trade digital assets. They're linked with physical or virtual content, providing proof of ownership that can't be forged by anyone else! NFTs may also act as membership cards for your favorite online community—like fans who love one particular restaurant.

Sep 4, 2022
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