The entertainment industry has seen a significant shift over the last few years as it moves away from physical stores and DVDs into digital streaming. It has spotted a change in content consumption during the world's highest public "streaming wars."

Now fans can enjoy their favorite shows in new ways with blockchain technology that offers an immersive experience not possible before now!

Fans will be able not only to stream content but also directly help the community by owning and running Film Nodes and NFTs, as well as gain access to artists through interactive experiences and even receive rewards. It also benefits filmmakers and designers by granting them creative freedom and direct control over their vision.

Gala Film has revolutionized Web3 entertainment with its newly launched platform.

With their Web3 entertainment platform, Gala Film is building the future of content on the blockchain. The leading ecosystem will host new projects and exclusive media that fans can access through immersive experiences in virtual worlds or physical locations across all industries, including gaming, film/TV production studios, and concert halls, to create a truly interconnected global community for individuals.

The release schedule is sure to draw attention from all over the world. The platform announced a collaboration with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Stick Figure Productions to present FOUR DOWN, a feature-length documentary aimed directly by award-winning filmmaker Steven Cantor and based on Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman's New York Times best-seller NOT WITHOUT HOPE.

The Entertainment Industry's Future

Gala Film is an exciting new decentralized system that's powered by nodes. Fans can own and operate these essential infrastructure pieces, which host content from across gala films as well- exclusive rewards for Node owners.

However, Node ownership isn't the only way to help shape the future of film and television while earning blockchain rewards. By acquiring its NFTs, fans support the Web3 entertainment ecosystem while also receiving rewards. This is an interesting moment to rewrite the plot on how projects in the Web3 market are created, consumed, and experienced.

Gala Film Nodes are now live for a limited time! You can be rewarded by owning and operating your own Node, allowing you access to the network of owners who have already planted their flags in this new entertainment ecosystem.

Sep 5, 2022
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