ho said Azuki was no longer alive? The legacy NFT project has had its ups and downs, but it has found a new lease on life this week, catering to some of its most devoted fans. Eight 'gold skateboard' NFTs - sold as an Azuki NFT with a physical pairing - sold for over 200 ETH each in the project's latest auction, 'Proof of Skate.'

Let's get into the specifics of eight of the most highly-priced skateboards ever auctioned over the weekend.

The winning skateboards were priced between 200 and 309 ETH, with the highest bid enclosing up over the weekend via a 24-hour auction. Azuki announced the winners and said that these would be available next month.

Azuki's leadership team at Chiru Labs helped enforce a physical tracking chip, converting the token to a "physically backed token," or PBT. Each board featured a one-of-a-kind engraved emblem within a 40-pound deck, trucks, and wheels that were completely covered in 24K gold.

They are widely regarded as the eight most costly skateboards in history and the first skateboards with six-figure values, with current ETH valuations placing them anywhere between a quarter million and a half million dollars each. The top bidder 'dingalingts' is a large Holders and a well-known NFT collector with a significant preceding presence in Top Shot, as his name suggests.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance

The Azuki sale comes at an exciting moment for NFTs; a bear market has been in full bloom for much of crypto for a large chunk of this calendar year, with no apparent end in sight. Nonetheless, big-name blue-chip NFT projects have long maintained their strength, and Azuki appears to be no exception.

This is yet another timely illustration of how crucial cultivating a devoted audience can be. NFT collections continue to demonstrate the strength of being the 'future of communities in some capacity. Azuki's ability to attract such massive investment from such a niche audience deserves recognition in the big picture.

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Oct 24, 2022
Crypto News

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