he Argentine Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons has created 77 digital art with profits going back to local charities supported by the chapter. This secret society is now jumping into non-fungible tokens, but they're doing it to benefit the community at large.

The first official NFT project supported by a local Grand Lodge is the governing entity of this fraternal freemasons group. This new project from a local Argentinian Grand Lodge will be the first NFT supported by such an organization.

The collection contains images of Masonry and Occultism, such as black checkered floors with an infamous square symbol. Even the specific number of 77 NFTs available correlates with a numeral significant within these traditions, perfect for any spiritualist.

Behind this collection is a philanthropic intention, which gives back part of the funds to local charities. The donation website claims that they are using it to "raise philanthropy to a fresh and unprecedented scale in the institution's history."

The use of Web3 technology and utility for philanthropy is not limited to one sector, and it's being applied across many different fields. This new form has immense potential, from raising funds to support victims affected by conflict or disaster relief efforts worldwide to providing micro-donations that make classical music accessible even more than before.

The profits from the sale of CryptoMason NFTs will go toward a local orphanage, assisting children who face economic hardships. A professional development center provides educational opportunities to youth in need; an immigration rights center helps those seeking refuge in Argentina and other countries around Latin America.

The country of Argentina is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in South America. They have continued their strides towards mainstream adoption with the recent news that Mendoza province began accepting crypto for taxes and administrative fees after previously announcing that they would begin doing so last month with Binance’s help through its prepaid card service launching soon afterward.

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency has been significant over recent years, with around 2.4 million people owning one or more types, according to survey data from Triple-A

The number is not surprising when you consider that Argentina boasts the highest proportion (5%) out of all countries surveyed across Latin America.

Sep 10, 2022
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