The Sandbox will be the new destination of Paris Hilton's virtual mansion, thanks to a partnership with Hilton's company, 11:11 Media. It also has over 40 million global installs on mobile phones.

"I am beyond excited to expand Paris World further into the metaverse," Hilton stated. “My team is dedicated to creating an incredible real-life experience for my fans in collaboration with my incredible partner, The Sandbox."

OG Crypto Queen

Hilton, who describes herself as an entrepreneur, DJ, and OG crypto queen, is expanding her Web3 presence. Hilton was an early Web3 adopter. With Animoca, she launched a line of digital wearables in 2015. She was also the driving force behind the creation of Roblox's Paris World.

Hilton’s Sandbox is an immersive experience that lets you take control of your own Parisian lifestyle. You can enjoy events in Hilton's Malibu mansion or attend one of her many other exclusive parties with fellow virtual guests. With events like rooftop parties in Paris, Malibu’s “Halloween" party, and more - there will be no shortage of fun!

According to Hilton's press team, "she's a longtime crypto enthusiast, a lover of digital art, an avid NFT collector, and a metaverse icon in the Web3 space." 11:11 Media is a multibillion-dollar integrated media and production company with verticals in TV (Slivington Manor Entertainment), podcasts (London Audio), digital (11:11 Digital), licensing, NFTs, music, impact, and more."

Sebastien Borget co-founded the Sandbox, "We're delighted to welcome Paris Hilton, the metaverse's queen." The platform is a creative space where anyone can let their imagination run wild, and Paris Hilton is creating a glamorous fantasy land filled with virtual parties and diverse entertainment attractions from her universe."

Sandbox and the Metaverse

The Sandbox is an online virtual world that combines the aspects of both real estate and fantasy. It's "partnering with other metaverse creators" to create this continuous shared digital space where worlds collide, making for magic!

It is also a widespread metaverse known for selling virtual real estate. It has collaborated with a number of well-known brands, including Warner Music Group, Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Vault, Atari, Ubisoft, Steve Aoki, The Rabbids, The Walking Dead, Adidas, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, and the Care Bears.

Aug 12, 2022
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