The newly-invented partnership will allow fans to participate in a fantasy gaming experience where they can create their own lineups of NFT-based digital porcelains. They'll be able to choose from different teams and players, competing for points depending on the performance performed during real-life matches played by NBA teams.

"Our partnership with Sorare will provide fans with a totally new way to interact with our teams and players," NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated. "We see notable opportunities to boost our fan base and grow NBA basketball all around the world with Sorare's burgeoning NFT fantasy platform."

According to a statement, the company plans to reveal the game around the league's regular season opener on October 18. However, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed in the announcement.

"It has developed an innovative gaming experience that enables fans globally to engage with and learn more about our players," said Tamika Tremaglio, Executive Director of the NBPA. "We are very excited about this partnership and the impact Sorare will have on the global development of the game and the players."

Sorare is growing fast. The company has already increased by over two million people across 185 countries, including Europe and Asia, where the game’s popularity isn't slowing down.

"With Sorare: NBA, we are delighted to bring fans even nearer to their new favorite teams and players," said Nicolas Julia, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sorare.

The fantasy soccer NFT platform, which had reached a $4.3 billion valuation last year with its latest funding round, announced a firm commitment of 680 million dollars for various development projects and partnerships - including major league baseball organization.

In a move to enter the U.S., the company signed agreements with professional sports organizations and promised funding for marketing campaigns to establish itself as an American brand among fans of all levels.

The company has licensed 280 soccer clubs in top leagues worldwide. The company is headquartered in Spain, Italy, and Germany, according to its website statement shared on it last year.

Sep 11, 2022
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