he cryptocurrency community is having a rough day mocking a new Celsius-themed board game called "Celsius Opoly," which has surfaced on a US-based online e-commerce marketplace.

Stephanie Martin, the marketplace's head of sales and partnerships, announced the board game, saying the planning and creation of the Monopoly spin-off took months and months of hard work.

The Celsiusopoly board game is listed for $99.00 on the marketplace's website, and some profits have reportedly already occurred.

However, the board game's ill-advised release has made the crypto community tirelessly mock the crypto-lender-themed product, including one Twitter user asking, "who thought this would be a good idea...? You have no respect for all the people who have lost their lives or are in severe financial hardship due to Celsius."

Others argue that the sales should be utilized to make depositors whole, and then another user joked that the "go to jail" card should only apply to Celsius' CEO.

It features the platform’s logo in the center of the board, along with the phrase "Do good." Then do well" slogan appears to be a reference to a January 2021 tweet from Alex Mashinsky, the network's founder and CEO.

The game includes, in addition to the Celsius-themed game board, box, and play money, themed Incentives & Interest, Property, Customer Support, Compliance, Loan, and Development Cards, as well as an instruction manual.

Images of the alleged board game do not seem to include any Hasbro Gaming branding, implying that it is not an official Monopoly board game.

The cryptocurrency lending platform recently issued to reopen withdrawals for a small number of customers, with a motion to release $50 million of the total $225 million kept in the Custody Program and Withhold Accounts to owners.

While shipping is free for residents of the United States, there are no returns available for dissatisfied customers.

Sep 9, 2022
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