As per recent reports, Microsoft is expanding its involvement in the cryptocurrency industry by developing a new feature that will allow users to transact cryptocurrencies within its default web browser, Edge. The news was initially brought to light by BleepingComputer, and it was further corroborated by Albacore, a software documenter who shared screenshots of a new Ethereum wallet that Microsoft is currently working on integrating into Edge.

The new wallet feature is designed to enable users to send and receive Ethereum (ETH) directly through the browser, adding an extra layer of convenience for Microsoft's user base. This latest move by Microsoft highlights the tech giant's continued efforts to explore new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space and improve its services for its customers.

"Adding to the list of upcoming features for Microsoft Edge, there is now a crypto wallet. Some people may feel uncertain about having this type of feature integrated into the default browser."

According to the onboarding pages, Microsoft is introducing a non-custodial crypto wallet that provides users with complete control over their assets and private keys.

"The new wallet feature integrated into Edge is non-custodial, which means that users will have full control over their funds and we will not have access to their password or recovery key. As it is built into the browser, users can conveniently use it without needing to install any extensions."

The screenshots reveal that users will have the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using digital asset exchange Coinbase, which is based in the US, as well as web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay.

The images that were shared also imply that the new wallet feature will allow users to browse NFT marketplaces, access a news feed feature, and choose between using the built-in Edge wallet or an extension wallet to manage their assets.

In response to inquiries, a Microsoft spokesperson informed BleepingComputer that the company frequently tests new features as a means of exploring new experiences for its customers. The spokesperson added that Microsoft looks forward to gathering feedback from users regarding the new wallet feature, but declined to provide any additional details at this time.


Mar 20, 2023
Crypto News

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