What are the chances? An injury in virtual reality could lead to a lawsuit, and this law firm is on-hand for it!

A law firm based in Florida has announced that if you are injured while exploring the virtual world, they will help take legal action against whoever’s fault it could be.

While it is impossible to know what virtual injuries would make a case, many people have been injured by running around their living rooms in VR gear. Who knows how many over-excited Metaverse enthusiasts will run into glass sliding doors and smash through onto the garden on the face?

Morgan and Morgan say that no matter if you get injured in the virtual world or in real life, they will have your back. They also claim to be America’s largest personal injury law firm.

While the Metaverse is entertaining, they claim that "the human body continues to exist in existence while the mind drifts the VR environment, and some individuals have been harmed as a result of utilizing these metaverse machines."

The firm says that these devices offer a new way to experience reality but come at an expense. VR headsets have been known for their ability to break your neck or cause otherworldly injuries when used without care by users who are often too invested in what they're experiencing inside of it, which could lead to a trip to the hospital.

Metaverse at work

The devices have been developed for entertainment, and people sustain injuries when they're used in the workplace. This makes for a good case for legal action against companies that sell these items without proper safety precautions.

"Unfortunately, these devices were developed solely for entertainment, and some manufacturers missed emphasizing safety during the manufacturing process, resulting in injuries to innocent individuals. Suppose you've been injured by a VR headset or another metaverse device. In that case, our attorneys can assist you in filing a lawsuit against the manufacturing company and recovering the damages you require to move on."

The law firm continues by citing examples of injuries suffered while immersed in the Metaverse. They claim that these people have forgotten they are still living in the real world.

"In certain cases, users have attempted to get onto an elevated platform in the meta world and slipped on their faces because the ground does not exist, resulting in disfigurement and costly hospital bills for these individuals."

Who Is Responsible for a VR Injury?

Manufacturers of VR equipment have yet to address safety regulations. This poses a risk for consumers unaware that they may suffer from improper use or misuse during their fun time with virtual worlds.

"Part of the problem stems from the ambiguous responsibility of VR injuries, as there are numerous factors involved that can shift liability to different parties. For example, if a user misuses their VR headset and is injured. As a result, they are most likely liable for the injury because their actions were negligent. On the contrary, if the headset contained a flaw that caused injury, the manufacturer might be accountable for the damage, but the user needs to prove that their usage did not contribute to their injury."

Morgan and Morgan have a unique commitment to their clients. They promise that you won't pay any bitcoin unless they win your virtual case.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and it's important to stay on top of trends. The modern-day has opened our eyes up more than ever before- but all this new information comes with some risks that we need to be careful about.

Have you ever heard of someone pleading for legal action because they got injured in the metaverse? Or maybe you have thoughts about implementing more legislation to protect people from getting injured in virtual worlds? Drop your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 15, 2022
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