etaMask has alerted its users about false rumors of an upcoming AirDrop that have been circulating on social media. These rumors have led to several Twitter users falling for the scam, with bad actors likely motivated by ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin's recent interview at ETHDenver, where he discussed his team's plans to launch a token. Some Twitter accounts, posing as the official MetaMask account, have been posting links for people to participate in the supposed "MASK" token AirDrop, with many claiming the AirDrop will take place on March 31.

MetaMask has taken to Twitter to denounce the false rumors regarding AirDrops and snapshots, stating that they are untrue and pose a significant danger by creating opportunities for scammers and phishers. The Web3 wallet provider has advised users to remain vigilant and cautious of fake websites in the days ahead.

Notably, numerous crypto influencers appear to have been deceived by the fraudulent AirDrop invitations, with many of them disseminating strategies to their large followings on obtaining additional tokens from the purported AirDrop.

In addition, a number of influencers took to Twitter to offer their followers guides on how to qualify for the phony AirDrop. According to data from DappRadar, MetaMask experienced a surge in activity after the rumors of the MASK AirDrop surfaced, with daily transactions increasing from 8,600 on March 25th to 21,000 on March 27th. Additionally, the trading volume doubled during the same period.

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Mar 29, 2023
Crypto News

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