During a bear market, what distinguishes advanced traders from novice traders is using different strategies, precision, the common three triangle patterns, and trade management to gain a competitive advantage over other crypto traders. Trading without the necessary skills, such as understanding crypto market structures and instituting your strategy, is akin to revealing yourself to risk, which might cost you your life, however, in this case, your trading portfolio.

There is much more to trading in the crypto space than simply buying and selling based on the belief that this is the best time to purchase or sell an asset. Acknowledging the market's phases or cycles gives traders, investors, and organizations an advantage in trading with the necessary edge and technical tools to produce a high investment return (ROI) over time.

Let's take a look at how many traders, investors, and institutions use three triangle patterns to make lucrative gains and stay far ahead of the market and other traders, especially during this bear market.

What Exactly Is a Triangle Pattern?

The triangle pattern is a technical chart formation that traders use to identify bullish continuations or setbacks based on market conditions. This pattern comprises candlestick formations surrounded by converging trendlines known as support and resistance lines. The pattern formation is named after the two converging trendlines that form a triangle.

These patterns are beneficial for detecting a bearish or bullish continuation of prices, and because of their high probability of success, most traders employ them in their trading.

Ascending, descending, and symmetrical triangular patterns are the three most common kinds of triangle patterns; let us discuss them using the chart.

Ascending Triangles

If there is a top acting as resistance, accompanied by an upsloping bottom acting as assistance, an ascending triangle is established. An ascending triangle forms when the horizontal resistance line fulfills the up-sloping support line at the price apex. Price levels can break out in any direction, either above or below the horizontal resistance, resulting in a bearish downtrend.


Descending Triangle

This triangle is most commonly seen as a compression of a triangle during a price downtrend. This triangle is formed by a lower horizontal line and a dropping trendline top that merges with the horizontal support. Price can break out in either direction, resulting in a bearish or bullish market. In most cases, the price breaks out to the upside of this triangle.


Symmetrical Triangle

Resistance and support lines slant and collide with one another to form symmetrical triangles. The resistance line is drawn from the top down, while the support line is drawn from the bottom up.

Identifying the three triangle patterns in crypto will assist you in making better choices when trading and investing in crypto assets.

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Nov 3, 2022
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