vraham Eisenberg, who claims to be a member of a group that last week stole $114 million from the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Mango Markets, gave back $67 million to the decentralized finance (DeFi) hub in Solana on Saturday while defending his actions, which some have referred to as an exploit, as both legitimate and extremely profitable.

Eisenberg's tweets from today are the first time he has openly acknowledged his part in the Mango exploit after being accused this week of being the exploit's creator after reportedly carrying out similar attacks in the past. “I believe all of our actions were legal,” he tweeted.

In a tweet, Mango Markets said that the DAO community would vote in the upcoming days to determine how to distribute the returned assets. There was no refund schedule specified in Mango's thread, but it did state that there would be “multiple DAO votes next week.”

“Everything has to go through DAO proposals,” Daffy Durairaj, co-founder of Mango Markets, wrote in the project's Discord. “My personal goal is to make depositors whole and that's what I'll aim towards. But the mix of tokens and positions everyone had might be different”

Oct 16, 2022
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