The pandemic has made many of us feel like failures, but Mando found success in his business endeavors. His story is an inspiration for all who are struggling financially due to this unprecedented crisis.

Mando is a Crypto Twitter personality who has been in the crypto market since 2016. He started his account amidst the pandemic and realized that he needed to share his experiences with other enthusiasts, especially those looking for some hope during this difficult time.

"When the lockdown first began, I was at home with my family and started to play the Playstation again and check my HODL bags and graphs a few times a day," he explained. "After a while, I started to trade again and set up a profile on crypto Twitter (CT), uploading for fun about my thoughts and the study I had conducted out under the alias."

He is a world traveler with Liverpool roots and an English upbringing. He's currently living in Dubai, where he spends his time exploring the United Arab Emirates' rich culture with his family.

"Dubai UAE is among the most beautiful places on the planet, with friendly locals everywhere you go. For me, it's really the safest place on earth to raise your children and instill in them an open mind because it is a multicultural melting pot with everyone living in harmony.”

This year, he is one of the most popular crypto enthusiasts on Twitter, with over 70k followers. He expressed his feelings about writing on Twitter, saying, "I discovered posting my ideas on CT remarkably therapeutic and calming and started to gather a following really quickly; I now have massive followers of fantastic individual people from all over the world."

Mando is also becoming increasingly popular among brands. "I have clothing manufacturers wanting to do clothing brands for my brand @xmaximist and CEOs from projects reaching out congratulating me for providing useful information to investors. And I have innumerable followers sending me DM's daily Saying I have changed their lives with my upbeats enthusiasm tweets and calls,” he said.

For Mando, success is all about finding that perfect low-cap crypto gem. It's not easy, but when you've been in the industry for over half a decade and understand both victory and defeat as he does, it becomes possible to find these gems.

"I've been investing in digital currency since 2016 and have had a lot of success stories, but I've also been roughed up a couple of times, which wasn't nice in the beginning,"  he concluded.

He might be a famous cryptocurrency personality, but he doesn't claim to offer financial advice. All of his calls are simply about what investments Mando has made in himself and how others can do so too if they want! He likes sharing ideas for entertainment purposes only.

Have you also been an inspiration during the lockdown period? Share your experience or learnings on social media, and don’t forget to share this article.

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Sep 18, 2022
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