xclusible now offers 500 unique digital properties in NFT format. Owners can construct virtual structures on their land. Developers, just like in the real world, must acquire virtual building permits from the Madeira Government. These permits are valued according to their size and location.

Building Rights in Madalia World

There appear to be opportunities in Madalia World that do not appear to exist in the real world. Owners, for example, can construct in UNESCO-protected areas. Many of us would love to devastate the environment, and doing so virtually will be the next best thing.

On the virtual land, owners can use building kits. They can decorate it with their own NFTs or purchase NFTs from the platform. Buyers of land have the option of building vertically. They have the option of subdividing the land, selling it, or renting it out. They can also use it to start a business and obtain commercial licenses.

Dimmersions' co-founder and CEO is Candy Flores de Freitas. This is the company behind Madalia's augmented reality solutions."There are additional benefits, such as access to Madalia's exclusive annual gala tickets."

Owners will also be invited to the tree party. They plant 500 trees during the event. This is done to offset the metaverse's carbon footprint.

Madeira has a deep attachment to the virtual world. Landowners are urged to use augmented reality to visit the plots they own. You could also get on a plane and then see the real deal.

Exclusible is led by CEO Thibault Launay. "With the premiere of Madalia, we have enhanced our appearance in real estate and the metaverse, and we will proceed to recognize in which the Web3 public wants to be and what adventures they seek."

What do you think about the launch of the Medalia World? Will it be successful like the other launched metaverses? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 30, 2022
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