Crypto World has had a wild year, and that's probably an understatement. But, if you're going to cry, you might as well laugh. To aid with this, we searched Twitter and Reddit for some of the 2022’s most favorited and upvoted memes.


Bitcoin began the year at $47,733 and quickly began to fall, falling 19% in one month. HODLers bought the dip, which then continued to dip. They jokingly predicted a wild ride ahead.


Bitcoin began at $38,778 and rose approximately 11% over the month in an early-year glimmer of hope that would not last.


Bitcoin experienced another month of gains, beginning at $44,404 and rising by about 2.5%. Bain Capital's crypto team was widely mocked after making an International Women's Day announcement.


The currency began the month at $46,296 and has since dropped nearly 19%. In the United States, taxes were due, and NFT sales and trading reached their highest weekly levels of the year.


Bitcoin began the month at $38,472 and has since dropped 17%. But that wasn't the most important story. Terra LUNA’s token crashed in what appeared to be the greatest crypto apocalypse ever. Terraform Labs developers thought a version 2.0 might work. Memers was wiser.


Bitcoin fell 33% after beginning the month at $29,789. Memers purchased the dip once more as others looked for new stablecoins. 


Bitcoin began the month at $19,247 and rose 21% over the course of the month. Despite the FUD, hodlers HODLed.


The summer doldrums set in, and even memers seemed to take a breather. Bitcoin began the month at $23,274 and then dropped 14%.


Bitcoin began at $20,146 and has since fallen by 3%.


Bitcoin increased by 6% after beginning the month at $19,315. In hindsight, it was the calm before the storm.


Things became real after a small scoop in a wild month that saw the FTX exchange crash quickly and spectacularly. Just days before the company filed for bankruptcy, co-founder and now-former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried tweeted a cat meme. Memers jokingly discussed what to tell family members on Thanksgiving. Bitcoin began at $20,481 and fell 16% over the month due to the chaos.


In another wild month, things moved quickly. SBF was apprehended in the Bahamas, extradited to the United States on fraud charges, and released on bail. Former President Donald Trump's new NFT collection temporarily distracted everyone from the craziness. Bitcoin began the month at $16,958 and has fallen about 2% as the holiday season approaches. 

There weren't as many jokes about HODLing or "the dip," which may have stopped being amusing.

To 2023!

Only time will tell where memes go from here, but we'll leave you with one more to end the crazy year on a positive note. Happy HODL's days!

Which memes do you think performed the best in 2022?  Do you think that they will continue to be popular over the next decade? Let us know your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Jan 3, 2023
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