The growing crypto economy is causing a lot of excitement, but it can be hard for those who don't speak English to participate. One company has developed an innovative solution: they're providing classes in Filipino and Thai languages so that people without any knowledge about digital currencies can access them.

Wei Zhou, the CEO of Coins, stated that while English is the primary language in crypto, many of the people with whom his company communicates do not speak it.

Crypto enthusiasts may not know English, but that doesn't mean they're unable to enjoy the benefits of digital assets.

The company's goal is to "transfer that crypto knowledge" into local languages, whether it be Filipino or Thai. They also want this information available across other international dialects so people are not left unprotected from scams when they expand their operations globally.

The demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain courses has increased in the Philippines. A new platform Bitskwela provides Filipino-language lessons to teach people about related topics such as these emerging technologies with massive potential of being used by Filipinos everywhere. The class also offers information about buying or trading so you can invest wisely.

Jiro Reyes, CEO of Bits Kwela, said that for local newbie investors, English could be intimidating, so explaining the asset class in their native languages is vital to help them understand what they are investing in. He also believes this will lead to greater adoption rates by grassroots communities across Asia as crypto becomes more widely known.

Reyes added that a lack of knowledge could lead to poor financial decisions, and cryptocurrency assets are no exception.

Digital investments are not just about money. You need to know what you're doing if your plan is going to succeed and avoid making costly mistakes like losing all of your funds in one shot.

Sep 3, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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