Imagine a world where you can browse the web without being tracked by big tech companies. The phone sold with this privacy-focused browser and search engine is perfect for those who want to avoid paying their taxes.

This comes with an ultra-private web browser and search engine so users can ditch big tech tracking. Michael Saylor needs this for tax purposes.

Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook), and Microsoft are examples of big tech. Chinese apps such as TikTok have also been accused of stealing information from our phones.

Big Tech is now addressing the data theft that has been an issue in the news. With this tech, you can protect yourself from unwanted surveillance and ensure your personal information stays safe with a simple change of settings.

"Are you Degoogled?" is a trend lately in which consumers take back control of their data from tech behemoths.

Privacy Concerns

Living in this day and age is challenging when we constantly have concerns about being watched or monitored. We worry not only for our safety but also for the people around us who may be targeted.

There is no way around it. We live in a time when people are increasingly concerned about being watched. We are also concerned about the security of crypto assets.

They aim to provide an alternative for those who want more control over their personal data and privacy. They say that with Below Phone’s open-source software, you can replace big tech apps like Facebook or Google Maps without worrying about being tracked.

The collaboration between Above Phone and Presearch means it can be taken out of the box, turned on, and have a decentralized search tool ready to go.

According to Presearch, their search engine has over 4 million registered users. This helps make it one of the world's largest blockchain projects. Its users conduct more than 100 million searches per month.

This phone features the latest cutting-edge alternative operating systems to ensure your privacy on the go. It includes encrypted voice calls, video chats, text messaging, and an email with secure WiFi network access for downloading applications from the decentralized search engine.

With the Above Phone browser, you can search for anything without being tracked by Big Tech. This means that users are totally anonymous, and their searches won't show up on your regular internet browsing history or be stored in any way.

Sep 7, 2022
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