Vera is a new platform that helps members easily offset their plastic footprint for as little as $6 per month. An estimated 14 billion pounds of plastic and waste end up in our oceans each year; by 2050, there will be more plastic in our seas than fish. The platform has the ability to combat this problem as consumers, entrepreneurs, and creatives by leveraging our purchasing power and skills.

We can shop more mindfully and sustainably, contribute to environmental causes, and volunteer at ecological organizations and events. Vera has created an effortless way for you to offset your plastic footprint.

By becoming a member, all that’s required of users are minimal efforts but still contribute positively in some way- whether it be by paying fees or recycling materials more efficiently than before.

It ensures the organization gets maximum exposure because each initiative they support across different countries works toward cleaning up our oceans, so no matter where someone lives worldwide, there will always be plenty available thanks to this one easy solution.

What inspired the creation of Vera?

The first light bulb moment happened when Instagram user @visualsofearth began to grow their following. As more photographers and nature enthusiasts joined, they felt that it was a responsibility not only for themselves but also for all others who would come after them in order to make an impact on Earth’s major environmental issues.

The rebuilding of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral was an example where money could have been better spent. The project incurred much controversy and delays as it became clear that billions were needed just to complete this one task, but there are other ways in which charitable donations might have helped those most vulnerable during such disasters instead.

How the platform works

The signup process is completely seamless. As soon as you sign up, you'll be redirected to your personalized dashboard, where you can track and visualize the impact you're having access to a beautiful library of carefully curated wallpapers. More benefits, such as discounts from eco-friendly brands, will be available very soon.

The Vera team is working hard to implement blockchain-based methods so we can have more transparency in the oceans. They’ve partnered with three organizations that are active across a variety of projects and campaigns, but this will be an ongoing process as they continue looking for new partners who share our values.

Mentioning their current research into these causes gives readers insight into what information might come next if it's included, namely how other organizations may help out on climate change efforts through donations or volunteering opportunities.

Everyone needs to understand that we have the ability to help our planet. The global crisis extends far beyond the plastic in our oceans, but if all 7.7 billion people make a small effort, the impact we can have is massive.

Even though technology and autonomous manufacturing processes have contributed to many of the issues we face today, technology will also aid in their resolution. Using technology and data to make the charitable process more transparent and effective will (hopefully) inspire a new generation of people to understand the scope of the problem better, as well as provide them with better platforms to assist us in solving it.

Aug 18, 2022
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