The platform’s cryptocurrency wallet may already be in its creation. Jane Manchun Wong, a blogger well-known for reporting early tech news, recently confirmed that Twitter is starting to work on its own wallet.

Twitter has not made any public announcements about such a product, and it is uncertain where Wong got the information. However, Wong's other statements suggest that she gets most of her information from the public.

Over the last year, Twitter has added a variety of other cryptocurrency-related features. It launched cryptocurrency tipping in September 2021 and began integrating web3 dApps in November 2021. It also started allowing users to use NFTs as profile pictures in January.

During his ongoing acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk also considered using cryptocurrency micropayments to control spam transactions. Recent developments indicate that this is no longer being considered.

The announcement follows the announcement of Twitter's decentralized social media network, BlueSky. Last Tuesday, the project revealed the release of a beta app.

Even if BlueSky may attract to the decentralization value systems of the community, BlueSky lead Jay Graber has stated that BlueSky will not incorporate features: "I'm convinced in our choice not to put social media posts on a blockchain," she wrote on October 20.

As a result, the latest announcement appears to be connected to Twitter's current crypto qualities rather than ongoing Elon Musk or BlueSky breakthroughs.

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Oct 25, 2022
Crypto News

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